"To be in the formless Presence, in the formless Now, is to find the inner silence and peace..."
- Acharin
"To be in the formless Presence, in the formless Now, is to find the inner silence and peace..."
- Acharin
"To effortlessly be in the state of witnessing whatever that arises-body states, and mind content- is the path of awareness and happiness" - Acharin

Online Meditation Program

Acharin's Guidance

Acharin is the founder of Nisala meditation center which is a well known meditation retreat in Sri Lanka. Acharin’s Guidance will allow you to get in touch with your inner consciousness that is beyond the mind-chatter, effortlessly in the present moment, and at peace. Finding this  effortless awareness is a breakthrough in not just your  spiritual life, but also the day to day life-as it will immediately put you in a state of relaxed awareness, and a state of ‘flow’. This will help in dealing with pain, both physical and psychological, eliminate stress by allowing you to deeply relax, and get you in touch with inner awareness that will bestow many benefits overtime.

In these sessions Acharin will primarily guide the participants using nada, a sound-frequency based method of induction, as well as using Shakti, the energy counterpart of Unity-Consciousness. There will also be several exercises of deep-relaxation, and purification of the energy system and the chakras during each session. Acharin’s advanced yet easy to grab teachings can be experienced by attending his online meditation sessions and webinars or by visiting the Nisala meditation retreat Sri Lanka.

acharin conducting meditation event in anuradhapura

Teachings by Acharin

How to find Happiness in Life.

it is very well that relaxation forms the basis of deep meditation; Read More…

 How to find stillness of mind comfortably?

There is a great secret how to be in a state so simple. Read more …

Experience a deep state of Samadhi…

Experience a deep state of Samadhi (Stillness of mind) with Acharin online.

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Online Meditation Events by Acharin

Deeply Relax by Nada
(sound-based guided meditations)

Sessions of nada (sound) and energy based induction by Acharin, can get you in touch with a deep state of awareness in a relatively short period of time. During the sessions most people will be able to experience the state of effortless and formless awareness, relax deeply, as well as receive many benefits such as letting go of negative thought patterns, cutting down inner chatter, and clarifying energetic aspects within. Many people have reported profound changes occurring in them due to these sessions.

meditation space at nisala org
catharsis hall at nisala center

Residential Retreats by Acharin

Guided retreats are conducted regularly at the nIsala Nada Yoga Centre, Udadumbara, Kandy, Sri Lanka. The retreats cater to both beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners.

Currently the residential sessions are not held due to lockdowns.

Nisala Foundation

The center for energy & consciousness studies under the Nisala Foundation Trust is set up to disseminate knowledge consciousness and energy based teachings of Acharin. Set in beautiful terrain surrounded by mountains and forests and paddy fields in Udadumbara, Sri Lanka, the Center caters to people from all walks of life to find their inner joy.

Join Acharin's Online Sessions - Every Saturday & Sunday
( Via Zoom )

Guided online meditation sessions are conducted by Acharin, the teacher of the Nisala Foundation and the Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies in Sri Lankal. These sessions are conducted every Saturday & Sunday from 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm Colombo time via the Zoom Webinar platform.

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