About Acharin

Acharin is the spritual head of Nisala Foundation Trust and the Nisala Center for Energy & Consciousness Studies in Sri Lanka. He started his practice of meditation in the year 1996 and began to teach in early 2011, which he does in a full-time capacity now. He has been guided and influenced by several spiritually awakened masters during his formative years.

In teaching Acharin uses a rare method of direct pointing out instruction to guide his students. What this means is that Acharin, upon finding the suitable time and conditions, can point out to the inherent consciousness that will enable the student to experience this state first-hand, giving rise to an experience of awakening in them. Such methods of direct pointing out to one’s true nature, have always been existent among a minority of teachers, who generally used such methods to advance the meditative attainments of the most dedicated of their students. This advanced teaching has become a specialty about Nisala spiritual retreat in Sri Lanka.

Apart from such direct pointing out, Acharin also prepares his students through more conventional methods of meditation such as breath meditation, among others. He also uses nada, a highly effective sound and energy based method of induction to create suitable conditions within a student or a body of students, that will enable them to advance in their meditative insight. Students can experience Acharin’s guidance by attending his online meditation sessions and webinars conducted by Nisala spiritual retreat Sri Lanka.


Mentor from Nisala foundation