Online Meditation Events by Acharin

Deeply Relax by Nada
(sound-based guided meditations)

Sessions of nada (sound) and energy based induction by Acharin, can get you in touch with a deep state of awareness in a relatively short period of time. During the sessions most people will be able to experience the state of effortless and formless awareness, relax deeply, as well as receive many benefits such as letting go of negative thought patterns, cutting down inner chatter, and clarifying energetic aspects within. Many people have reported profound changes occurring in them due to these sessions.

3 Day Meditation Event With Acharin

Expand your limited boundaries, Deeply Relax, and Become the ‘Big Awareness’- through Nada induction, meditation and deep relaxation practices with Acharin

“Finding the natural and spacious awareness within, which is prior to all your efforts such as thinking, feeling, and bodily action…will immeditately take you to the source of happiness and knowledge. This you can do when suitable conditions are present” –  Acharin

About the event

(This is a special fund-raiser event for the building project of Nisala International Meditation Center, Kandy).

Event Dates : 19th, 20th, & 21st of December 2020

Time : from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm each day.

Venue : Jetwing Lagoon, Negambo


About the Teacher 

 In the opinion of many Acharin is one of the most effective meditation masters of today, in that his teaching is direct, uncluttered, with many people experiencing deep states of meditation in a short time.

You can read about Acharin here:


Who can attend this event?

  • Anyone who is interested in gaining a deep level of relaxation and stillness within in a relatively short period of time.

  • 4 Day retreat participants at Nisala

  • Acharin’s weekend webinar participants


What do you gain from this event?

1. You will be guided by a teacher who can transmit the ultimate stillness of the mind through the use of Shakti, and the Unity Consciousness.

“The mind is constantly busy with thought processes which arise uninvited that cause lethargy, stress, and anxiety. And all life’s decisions happen in the midst of this inner chaos, thus making the decision process, and in extension, life itself, difficult. Gaining inner stillness will provide the necessary clarity in life, and the pathway to great relaxation and happiness.”-Acharin

2. Learn effective meditation techniques guide your day to day life, among other things.

This event is for anyone who has been trying to meditate over the years, but found it difficult. With guided inductions and direct pointing outs by Acharin you will gain a deep experience into breath and other meditations, which eluded you in the past.

3. Inner clarity to becomes a part of your life where you will experience a deep silent and effortless witnessing state arising in your day to day life.

4. And much more…                                                   

 Register early as allocations are limited! 

The Cost :

1. Minimum contribution for the event is LKR 40,000 for three days which is inclusive of vegetarian lunch, morning and afternoon tea with snacks.

2. Participants who wish to find accommodation in Jetwing Lagoon, Negombo for the duration of the program will be offered a special package by the hotel. If you are interested in staying overnight at the venue, please get back to us on the contact info below.


Participants will have to follow the guidelines of the retreat, and maintain silence during the event apart from Q&A.

Email : | Telephone : +94 713876444

For those who wish to stay over night in Jetwing Lagoon, the following exclusive offer is available by the Jetwing Lagoon:

Accommodation on Bed and Breakfast basis;

  • Single LKR 11,000
  • Double LKR 12,000
  • Triple LKR 14,500

Accommodation on Half board basis (including Breakfast and Dinner)

  • Single LKR 13,000
  • Double LKR 15,000
  • Triple LKR 18,500

3 Day Evening Meditation Events in Colombo & Kandy

Be guided by Energy (Shakti) to expand beyond body-identification, deeply relax, and attain to a state of peace and harmony within- through nada (sound) induction. 








Anuradhapura Event

2 Day intensive meditation event in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka is a high-point in Acharin’s teaching each year, where participants are guided to deeper states of meditative awareness over and above what is taught in other retreats and platforms by Acharin.

The event happens in open air amidst the backdrop of ancient ruins and river banks, and is an ideal spiritual getaway that would see many yogis stabilise in awareness and reach deep levels of silence and peace within.

Those who have completed at least one four day residential meditation event with Acharin; or those who have attended eight or more one-day events by Acharin;or those who have attended four or more online meditation sessions with Acharin; are eligible to attend foir this event.

One Day Meditation Events

Due to covid situation in the country One day meditation events with Acharin are postponed. You will be notified when we are ready to have the events. 


Overseas Events

Due to covid situation in the country overseas meditation events with Acharin are postponed. You will be notified when we are ready to have the events. 

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