Experience a deep state of Samadhi…

Is it possible to experience a deep state of Samadhi (Stillness) ?

There is a natural state of Samadhi in the form of the formless emptiness, that is forever at peace, and in self-awareness…. And it is there in you.  To put it simply, it is a fact much the same way that there are limbs or a head in your body.

This formless emptiness is your true nature, beyond the perception of your body, thoughts, emotions, or conceptual knowledge. And it is ever present and is the source of your happiness and peace.

However, it is also quite elusive to locate by oneself alone due to its absolute simplicity, and subtlety.

In conventional meditation, one tries to increase one’s level of concentration in the hope of experiencing this state at some point. Though this method is valid done the right way, only a rare few succeed in glimpsing their true essence through meditation alone.

However, there is an alternative…

It is that there are teachers who can guide you directly, in to your inherent nature, in an instant using Samadhi guided meditation techniques.


Acharin, from the Nisala International Meditation Centre, Sri Lanka, is such a teacher.

Acharin will use Unity consciousness-based direct teaching, to guide you simply and effectively.

And not only will Acharin guide you to your inner nature, but will also show you practically how to go about experiencing it repeatedly by yourself using Samadhi guided meditation.

As a result of experiencing the formless awareness within, you will:

  • Come to feel a sense of inner clarity, and peace
  • Profoundly relax and let go of stress
  • Let go of various stuck states of anger, sadness, resentment, etc.,
  • Find fulfilment in life and happiness

Experiencing one’s true nature for even a moment will change one’s life, and will be the start of one’s true spiritual evolution.

As it stands Acharin is one of the most effective spiritual teachers in the world today as more than 90% individuals who attend the events will experience this profound realization.

Another inspiring aspect for most people is that Acharin teaches using a non-religious language and has by and large a secular outlook.

You can now be part of this practical revelation by attending the Samadhi guided meditation sessions conducted by Acharin.