How to find Happiness in Life.

Truly being in the Now… is to be in an effortless state while you go about everyday life.

There is a great secret how to be in a state so simple and yet utterly profound, that you can cut down your level of stress either drastically or completely. This state is the Effortless Now, the true present moment awareness that you can find within you.

If you are like most people, then you know that you are carried away by pretty much whatever that comes to mind. And a lot comes to the mind constantly, making the mind noisy and painful.

Finding the Effortless Now is the best way to find internal happiness which will allow you to step back from the mental noise, and move in to a natural and relaxed space within. And your life will gain much in terms of efficiency, clarity, and happiness as a result.

Many people who have experienced the Effortless Now vouch for how simple it is to be in this state in the day to day life once they have found it, and how much relaxation and contentment it has brought to them.

This program would show you how to be in the Effortless Now, practically, step by step. Acharin will guide you on how to find internal happiness by experiencing the effortless now using advanced meditation techniques.

The Effortless Now is a state that is naturally present in everyone, underneath the thinking process.You can recognise this state through right guidance, and learn to be in the state in day to day life (note: this state is different from concentrating or trying to be in the present moment, which is an activity based practice, while the Effortless Now, is effortless and natural, i.e. something that you readily identify within yourself).

Now you, too, can recognise this natural state within, and see for yourselves…

As a result of learning to be in Effortless Presence you will:

  • be more relaxed and self-aware
  • be able to let go of the inner chatter
  • begin the journey to let go of long held grief, fears and phobias, anger issues, and other negative content in the mind and body
  • have a greater attention span and concentration
  • let go of stress due to work and troubling issues
  • be more intuitive
  • make better decisions in home and work life
  • improve interpersonal skills
  • be in better mental and physical health
  • begin to feel joy in life

The Effortless Now is also the state of flow that high achievers, and competitive sportsmen, try to get in to before important events; and what the religions talk about as a basic necessity for happiness.
However, there is a precise art to being the Effortless Now…

Online sessions with Acharin, you will not only learn about, but experience, the Effortless Now.