Feedbacks and meditation testimonials on Acharin's online teachings
Most capable Vipassana and meditation teacher I have seen so far. Able to point to the state of stillness by the end of two hour webinar and at Goenka retreat it takes up to five days
- A. Moskvitin, Australia
I have been Acharin’s students from more than 10 years. He has changed my life with his guidance and meditation. I highly recommend his teaching and meditation.
- J. Fernando, UK
I've been participating in the Online meditation events for the last eight months every Saturday and Sunday. It helped me to stabilise my practice and approach the awareness with ease, effortlessly. I say without a doubt that meditating under the guidance of Acharin has changed my life completely. I’m at peace most of the time and the emotional states are faced with more awareness now.
- J. De Silva, Sri Lanka
This is the best online meditation webinar that I came across. The teacher "Acharin" is very special and takes you to that present moment during the session. Ver effective and the progression is very rapid.
- P. Wasage. UK
The 'Nada Yoga' sessions introduced by Acharin has simplified my meditation beyond my greatest expectations. Now, I could actually integrate meditation to my day-today life, much more effectively. Everyday, not just now and then, because it feels great. It is not an effortful sit-down for an hour. Time just flies and its a bliss of an experience to feel that calmness.
- V. Wijayakantha, Sri Lanka
I am confident to say, continued participation in webinars conducted by Acharin and subsequent daily practice of meditation as per the instructions, made my life an effortless one. This method is effortless in it's true sense. It is highly effective and efficient. The results are amazingly evident and tangible to me. I wish many others would easily find peace in their lives by making good use of this rare opportunity.
- B. Alwis, Sri Lanka